Direct Damage Games


Welcome to the Direct Damage Games Commander League Page
League is based on a point system. We also offer 3 in game achievements points possible per game and 1 point per gameday for playing in the theme (playing in theme is encouraged, but not required). Place points are 4th=1, 3rd=2, 2nd=3, 1st=4. Scorecards are kept at each table and tallied up at the end of each round and we keep track of everyone for 8 weeks. Entry is $6 with $1 goes to the end of league prizing. All players will receive a pack for playing plus the table winners will get an additional pack. You play two (2) 90 minute, multi-player matches.
In addition to MTG Commander rules we have (this is to help keep things FUN)
1) Turn 4 Bubble - No player may win before turn 5 to give everyone a chance to have fun.
2) Extra Turns - You get only 1
3) Any Infinite Combo can only be used max to the amount of turns its been.
8 weeks with a 1 week break during and after league.  
Judge Dan will overseeing the event and making the calls (holds current certifications) and All leaderboard updates and weekly themes / achievments are posted in our Facebook group.
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