Company Policies

Company Policies


Contact Info



Please contact us at for any inquiries.


Mailing Address

Direct Damage LLC

10614 E. Sprague

Suite # 1A

Spokane Valley,  WA.  99206

House of Operation

Open 3 to 8:00 Weekdays

Open Noon to 6 Weekends

Closed Monday & Tuesday



All shipping is done with 72 hours of the order.  If the order is placed while we are closed or the post does not run, we will have it out the next day. Orders are shipped using USPS.

Return Policy

All sales are final. To be considered for an exchange, you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order; requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  A 15% restock fee may be applied.



Q & A

Question : What is Direct Damage LLC?

Answer : Direct Damage LLC or Direct Damage Games is a small business that does collecitble and miniature games.  We buy , sell, and trade in Magic the Gathering and Pokemon Collectbles and also have done many games from Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Wizkids , and Games Workshop. 


Question : What condition are the cards in?

Answer : All cards we purchase pass through a grading process.  Please see the card condition guide for more details.  If you have any questions in regards to the grades please contact us at  We are happy to answer any questions you have.


Question: Do you buy magic and pokemon cards?

Answer: Yes we do! We offer competetive rates in Cash and Store credit for singles and collections.  We are also interested in Video Game Systems + Games , collectible action figures , toys or statues, and sealed magic/pokemon product.


Question: How do I sell to Direct Damage?

Answer: We prefer for you to just come on down to the shop but if we do have the Buy List enabled you can submit what your selling via our Buy List and mail or bring it down. However the preferred method is to just bring your stuff in during business hours.




Trade ins on NON BULK recieve 50% Store Credit Bonus!



-Bulk Magic $3 per 1000
-Any Bulk Foil $0.05
-Any Bulk Full Art Land $0.05
-Any Bulk Rare $0.08
-Any Bulk Mythic Rare $0.20

-Bulk Pokemon $3 per 1000 

-Any Bulk Reverse Holo Common / Uncommon or Regular Rare $.03

-Any Bulk Reverse Holo Rare or Holo Rare $0.05

-Any Bulk FA Trainer, GX , EX $0.50

Please make sure all cards are NEAR MINT (We buy Played bulk at 50% of the listed price), English, Sorted Facing the same way, and have the valuable cards separated from bulk.  We have a buyer available to go through collections on a case by case basis during retail hours. 


Price shown on Buylist are for Near Mint cards.  If a card is not Mint (& we accept it) we buy at : 
Lightly Played : We buy at 80% of the buy price
Moderately Played : We buy at 60% of the buy price
Heavily Played : We buy at 40% of the buy price


Trade ins recieve 50% Bonus as in Store CREDIT!

We are happy to take a look at any magic , pokemon, miniature, or video game collection. 

- Cash paid on the spot for most gaming/toy collectibles that we can sell on our website or any selling platform like tcgplayer for cards or ebay for everything else.  We buy new and used product , card collections /singles , miniatures, and video games. 

- Our buy rates do vary from a bulk rate (*see below) up to 60% cash or 90% credit.

- On average we pay 40% cash or 60% in store credit.

- Buying and Selling prices are updated weekly

- We use a variable scale for our buying rates.  Items valued under a few dollars are considered bulk and rates are different between game types and demand (*see below).

 - We offer an additional 50% as store credit when trading in !

Some Math on how we pay , we have a BUYLIST and we are ALWAYS buying so we have a scale on how things work. 

When we buy at (x%) you get (x%) amount of credit

Buy at 60 % gets you 90% Store Credit (only available for select cards and minis)

Buy at 50% gets you 75% Store Credit (we buy most cards valued over $25 at this rate and items that are sought after)

Buy at 40% gets you 60% Store Credit (our average buy rate on most any collevtible card valued over $5)

Buy at 35% gets you 52.5% Store Credit (our average rate on most anything of interest - Sealed Product/Anything Else we buy)

$3 to $4 cards we buy from $0.50 to $1.50

$2 to $3 cards we buy from $0.20 to $0.50

$1 to $2 cards we buy starting at our Bulk rates  


We also pay competitive Rates on used Video Games !


We have a buyer on site to take a look at collections, please bring in your stuff during business hours (atleast 1 hr before we close) to:  

Direct Damage Games

10614 E. Sprague

Suite 1A

Spokane Valley , WA.  99206

Open 3 to 8 Weekdays and Open at Noon on Weekends, Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


If you are viewing this page you are in Buy List mode and can use the search bar to see what we our average cash over would be for Magic and Pokemon cards (video games is currently under construction however we prefer you to just bring in your stuff).  Cash on hand is limited to $500 a day so if selling us a collection that is valued at more than a grand please contact us ahead of time. The preferred method for selling us cards is in person.  Please come in atleast 1 hour before closing time and if you do submit a online list (please do not mail it , just bring it down).  

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your great collections!

Bulk Rates

These are the base rates we pay with minimal verification. 

*NON Sorted Bulk Rates

Magic : $3 per 1000      Pokemon : $3 per 1000      Yu-Gi-Oh : $3 per 1000 count

*Sorted Bulk Rates

Magic the Gathering :     $.05 per Full Art Land or Foil    $0.08 per Rare     $0.20 per Mythic

Pokemon :    $0.01 on unused PTCGO Codes $0.03 per RHolo Common/Uncommon or Rare      $.05 per HRare or RH Rare   $0.50 per Ultra Rare (Full Art, GX, or EX)


Some things to keep in mind when selling us cards.  To get the quickest service and best rates please do the following :

- Please have all cards that you are selling sorted facing the same way 

- We prefer cards to be free from binders , pages , sleeves , and any damaged / tip cards need removed.  Please have no more than 10% basic lands or energy per 1000 cards.

- We only accept bulk cards in english print and in Near Mint / Lightly Played condition (Moderate Play and Heavy Play are only accepted on a case by by case basis) .

- Store Credit bonus available only NON Bulk items that we Buy.

- We do have tables and boxes available for you to sort out your cards.  Please use them !  I've even made a balance sheet to better help get a count of your cards and we have easy methods of counting them.

- if you want paid - please make sure to follow our requirements.


** Things we Buy and How we Value them

Magic the Gathering : Always buying and rates do vary by value and condition.  Cards valued under a few bucks are bought at a bulk rate and buy rates start at 40% on cards up to $25.  Over $25 we buy at 50%.  Cards in Moderate Play to Heavy play are accepted on a case by case from all sets throughout magic.

Pokemon : Always buying rates do vary by value and condition.  Cards valued under a few bucks are bought at a bulk rate and buy rates start at 35% on cards up to $7 , $7 to $25 we buy at 40% , over $25% we buy at 50%.  Pokemon collectors are very picky so we are no longer able to accept cards in heavy play and have are now much stricter on what we can accept in moderate play.  

Video Games : With the Nintendo Switch we are looking into adding Video Game events and starting to stock the like ! We are interested in buying any working console and games.   Nintendo , Playstation, or Xbox .  Retro to new , let us make you an offer.

We are also interested in X-Wing Minis, Generation 1 Transformers toys , and almost anything Nintendo related !

The Prices you see are for Near Mint.  We do grade cards and we grade heavier on the more valuable cards.

Near Mint we buy at 100 % of the price shown , Lightly played we buy at 80% to 90% of the price shown, Moderate Play we buy at 50% to 60% of the price shown, Heavy Play we buy at 25% to 40% of the price shown.